Zoom H1n is a big improvement on the H1

Zoom H1n audio recorder

Zoom’s little H1 audio recorder was a bargain way to record good quality stereo sound for filmmaking. I’ve just received its replacement, the H1n. I’ll be writing a full review soon (now online here) but first impressions are that it’s a really solid upgrade. Major features are a physical dial to adjust the record level, and repositioned controls for easier access. It has a bigger, brighter screen than its predecessor, and build quality seems better. It’s almost exactly the same size, so it’s just as pocketable.

Key new features include overdubbing, auto recording, a tone generator and the ability to add marks when recording. But from my point of view, the best features are reduced handling noise, and far less wind noise (the old model used to pick up wind noise from its plastic body even with a furry windshield fitted). That makes it much more usable outdoors.

Price is around $120 (US) / £99 (UK).

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