CYMRAEG Separado film poster

Directed by Dylan Goch, Separado! is an eccentric travelogue in English, Welsh and Spanish. It features musician Gruff Rhys following in the footsteps of one of his ancestors to Latin America.

PDF teaching resource (7.5Mb)


This free PDF  resource suggests how you can use Separado! in Primary and Secondary schools for teaching writing, history, Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish), Welsh, creative filmmaking, and Media and Film Studies.

Opening sequence worksheet



Separado! Official site for the film

iMDB Information about Separado! on the Internet Movie Database

Trailer The official trailer

Guardian Review in the Guardian Gruff Rhys’s official website

ie ie productions Official website of ie ie productions

Ffilm Cymru Wales Ffilm Cymru Wales, who provided funding for the film (and this teaching resource)

Interview Video interview with Gruff Rhys and director Dylan Goch

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