Training – Filmmaking on iPhones, iPads and Android

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My iPhone, iPad and Android filmmaking training is designed for people with little or no experience of making videos. Each course is carefully structured to meet your specific needs.

I’m Tom Barrance, one of the UK’s most experienced film educators.  I have over 20 years experience of delivering film training and workshops around the UK and beyond. I’ve provided this training for small and large businesses, the NHS, universities, charities, nonprofits, arts and drama groups. Check out my feedback.

Basic or intermediate training

My training is flexible. I can teach face to face (UK/Europe) and online.

You could just choose one or two short sessions covering the basics. Or I can provide a longer course over several weeks, with mentoring  and feedback.

I can train you to make complete videos using just your phone, or teach you to use computer editing programs such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

My intermediate iPhone training can also cover advanced iPhone Pro features like cinematic mode and log format, and alternative camera apps like Filmic Pro and BlackMagic Camera.

Standard course content

Getting started

We’ll look at how short films combine pictures, sound and editing to tell their stories. We’ll explore the different shots you can use, and how to combine them so that they make sense together.

Filming and sound recording

You’ll learn to

  • set up your phone with the right settings for video
  • shoot good video and stills with the Camera app (or an alternative app like Filmic Pro)
  • film different shots to tell a story
  • record good quality audio for a ‘talking head’ presentation or interview.


You’ll learn how to

  • organise your clips
  • put video and stills into your editing program, trim them and change the order
  • add and adjust audio, including voiceover and music
  • illustrate a presentation or interview with ‘cutaways’
  • use transitions, effects and titles
  • fine-tune your film
  • share your finished movie.

The course also covers:

  • principles of film planning
  • ways of structuring your story
  • alternative apps and accessories for iPhone filmmaking

Course materials

You’ll get a detailed booklet which takes you step-by-step through the filmmaking process, plus a set of ‘cheat sheets’ to refer to on your phone while you’re filming.


When you make a film on your own after the course, send me a link and I’ll provide written feedback and suggestions.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs or book a course.

What people say

Google reviews and testimonials

“Tom is a really good teacher and is able to convey a lot of technical detail without baffling his audience. Highly recommended.”
Gillian Southgate, Assistant Director, NHS R&D Northwest

“Simply excellent. Fun, interesting, useful and rewarding.”
Derek C Stewart OBE, Associate Director for Patient, Public Involvement & Engagement, NIHR CRN

“I cannot overstate how much potential these simple filming skills will give you for instigating change, improving efficiency and communication, and achieving your own ambitions.”
Sarah Adcock, Senior Specialist Physiotherapist, Manchester Royal Infirmary


Learn Filmmaking With My Step-by-Step Ebook

Ad for Start Making Movies Start Making Movies is an easy to understand, 163-page PDF guide that shows you how to start making short films and videos. It uses clear explanations and hundreds of illustrations to introduce equipment, the filmmaking process, film language and film storytelling.

“A great visual primer...Highly recommended” (Peter, UK)
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