Film it Yourself

Do you want to make a video for your business, organisation or campaign? Not sure where to start? I can help.

You could employ a professional filmmaker. But that’s expensive, especially if you need to film your everyday work or long-term activities.

You could make the whole movie yourself. I can train you to do that. But planning an effective movie can be challenging, and learning professional editing programs takes time.

So instead, I can work with you to make your video.  I’ll help you plan it, teach you to film it with your smartphone or camera, then edit it for you.

How it works


You tell me what the movie’s about and what you want it to include. I work with you to create a script and prepare storyboards and shot lists.


I’ll provide the online training you need to get good quality video and audio with the equipment you own, and I’ll provide printable handouts and cheat sheets to help you as you film.


You film the video and upload the clips, together with any audio, stills and logos you want to include.


I’ll put together a rough cut of the movie. You give me feedback, then I produce a final version with colour correction, audio adjustments, graphics and titles.

What does it cost?

Every project is different. I’ll give you a detailed costing when I’ve discussed the project with you.

Interested? Let me know more about your needs and we can schedule a Zoom call.

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