Tip: cut flare in iPhone photos and videos

Finger lens hood

The iPhone camera can have problems when you’re shooting towards the light. Even if you can’t actually see the light source in the photo, it can cause visible flare.

And even if you can’t see the flare, it can still be there, making your image flatter and duller.

When I’m shooting with an SLR, I always use a lens hood to improve contrast. And when I use my phone in its iOgrapher case, I use a polarising filter with the hood from an old SLR lens. But what if you’ve only got your phone and no accessories?

Here’s a simple trick. Just hold your finger next to the iPhone lens (on the side the light is coming from), making sure it doesn’t appear in the image.


The image on the right has no flare, and much better colour and contrast. 

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