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The Basics



Downloads is packed with information and advice to help you make short films or videos.

You can find out about the filmmaking process, find story tips and ideas, and see how to make a film on your phone. There’s advice on buying the right camera and other equipment you need.

If you’re new to filmmaking, this page is the best place to start.

How to Make a Movie

Learn to organise, plan, shoot and edit your first short film or video.
Filmmaking Step by Step
Story Tips and Ideas
iPhone Filmmaking

Film Storytelling

Explore the different ways to use images, sound and sequences to tell your story.
Understanding Film Language
Using Sound in Your FilmFilming Sequences That Make Sense

Choosing Equipment

Choose the right camera and other equipment for the films you want to make.
The Best Cameras for Filmmaking
Filmmaking Equipment List
iPhones, iPads, Accessories and Apps 

My ebook guide will show you how to make great short films and videos. It explains the filmmaking process, what you need, storytelling with images and sound, and how to plan, shoot and edit your movie. 163 pages, over 400 illustrations, instant download. 

 “Amazing…extremely useful, concise and complete” (JM, UK)
 “Gives you everything you’d need to begin making films” (JP, USA)

Editclass ad - Learn Filmmaking by Editing a Movie

EditClass is complete short movie to edit: over 90 clips with alternative shots and takes. EditClass included editing tips and activities, guides for iMovie (Mac and iOS), Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X, and a Powerpoint introduction to the continuity system. Education site pricing available. 

“A brilliant resource” Media Education Journal

About me

Tom Barrance

I’m Tom Barrance. I’ve been teaching film and filmmaking for over 30 years. I’ve worked with small businesses and multinationals, nonprofits, schools, community groups, film festivals and universities around the UK and beyond.

I provide film training, workshops and support: online, and also on site in the UK and Europe.

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