Online Film Training with Tom Barrance

Online film training

“Engaging and insightful.”
Cerian, masterclass participant

I provide flexible, focused online filmmaking and video training for businesses, organisations and individuals. My training includes a mix of live and pre-recorded delivery, practical activities and supporting resources.

Topics include

  • Introduction to filmmaking
  • Understanding film language
  • iPhone and Android filmmaking
  • Filmmaking for your business or organisation
  • Editing with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, iMovie, VN Editor
  • Principles of film education

My training is flexible. You can choose a single short session, a series of workshops over several weeks, or a one-day or two-day course. I can provide standalone sessions, or input to your scheduled training or courses. I also provide workshops and lessons for schools and other groups.

I’ve recently provided online training, courses or workshops for UCL Institute of Education, Imperial College London, a group of primary (K-12) schools, inclusive theatre company Hijinx and youth arts organisation MessUpTheMess.

I also provide face to face training in the UK and Europe.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your training needs.

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About me

I have over 30 year’s experience of teaching film and filmmaking. I’ve provided training and workshops for small businesses and multinationals, nonprofits, schools, and universities around the UK and beyond. I’ve published several filmmaking guides and resources including Start Making Movies, EditClass and Making Movies Make Sense.

“Tom Barrance understands how to take the mystique out of film making and make it accessible to all”
Chris Whitney, Literacy and Film Education Consultant

“One of the most experienced film and media educators in the UK”
Mark Reid, British Film Institute

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