Introduction to iPhone and iPad Filmmaking

Filming a phone time-lapse

Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, South Wales
Saturday April 20th


(Early Bird discount: £20)

This one-day course will teach you what you need to make short films with your iPhone or iPad. Led by experienced film educator Tom Barrance, the course will cover:

    • The ‘language’ of film and how films tell stories
    • How to plan shots that will edit together smoothly
    • Choosing the right settings
    • Working with light
    • Setting up a shot with the Camera app
    • Setting manual exposure and focus
    • Using Cinematic and Action mode on newer iPhones
    • Recording good sound
    • Filming movement, action and dialogue
    • Organising your clips in the Photos app
    • Editing with iMovie
    • Adding cutaways, transitions, music, effects and titles
    • Checking your edit
    • Sharing your finished movie
    • Equipment and accessories for iPhone filmmaking
    • Alternative apps for filming and editing

You’ll work in pairs or small groups to practise filming and to plan, shoot and edit a short film sequence.

You’ll get a detailed PDF handout and a set of ‘cheat sheets’ to use when filming.

About Tom Barrance

Tom Barrance is one of the UK’s most experienced film educators. Tom has taught hundreds of filmmaking projects, workshops and courses over the past 30 years.

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