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How to make a movie

Learn how to organise, plan, shoot and edit your first short film or video.
Filmmaking step by step
Story tips and ideas
Mobile filmmaking
How to make a factual video

Film storytelling

How to use images, sound and sequences to tell your story.
Understanding film language
Using sound in your film
Continuity: filming sequences that make sense
Essential editing principles

Choosing equipment

Choose the right camera and other equipment for the films you want to make.
The best cameras for filmmaking
Filmmaking equipment list
iPhones, iPads, accessories and apps 
Filmmaking cameras under $300
Video cameras for children and teens

Creative ideas and techniques

If you want to make original, creative films you need to learn from other filmmakers.
Using still images in your film
Film poems and poem films
How great filmmakers use sound
Alternative film storytelling

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Learn filmmaking by editing a short movie. By editing this movie you’ll explore how to use different shot sizes, camera positions and movement. The EditClass package includes

  • over 90 clips of action, dialogue and B-roll
  • PDF introduction to basic and intermediate editing techniques
  • ‘getting started’ guides for iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere
  • a Powerpoint introduction to the continuity system
  • clip descriptions
  • script

Learn more

“Amazing! Has everything a teacher could want.” Tim McGuire, EdTech teacher, USA
“A quick and easy way to learn film editing.” Daniele, Film student, Canada
“Helps students understand how to film with the edit in mind.” Kerrie Crescione, Film and Media Tech, UK

Education site license $79

Screenshots from Making Movies Make Sense

My interactive multitouch book Making Movies Make Sense explains film language and filmmaking from first principles for ages 9 and up. Designed for iPad, iPhone and Mac, you can get it from the Apple Books store. Learn more


Looking for online training? I’ve provided a guide to online filmmaking classes and courses. It covers courses by  CreativeLive, MasterClass, SkillShare and Udemy – from masterclasses by famous directors to in-depth training in specific cameras and editing programs.

Cielo de la Paz
Cielo de la Paz’s course iPhone Filmmaking: From Shoot Through Edit (Creative Live – affiliate link)
I provide face to face training for businesses and organisations in the UK and Europe.

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Learn Filmmaking With My Step-by-Step Ebook

Start Making Movies ad

Start Making Movies is an easy to understand, 163-page PDF guide that shows you how to start making short films and videos. It uses clear explanations and hundreds of illustrations to introduce equipment, the filmmaking process, film language and film storytelling.

“A great visual primer...Highly recommended” (Peter, UK)
“This book is amazing” (Tiffany, USA)