Workshops for film festivals, conferences and special events

Young people editing rushes

I offer a wide range of different film and filmmaking workshops for conferences, film festivals and special events. These include

  • Understanding film language
  • Fast film challenge: plan, shoot and edit a short film sequence in a few hours
  • ‘Drop-in’ editing, camera or chromakey sessions
  • Simple clay or cutout animation workshops
  • Editing workshops: make a short film from unedited ‘rushes’ using iMovie or Final Cut Pro
  • Soundtrack workshop: explore sound in film and go on to create an original soundtrack with Garageband
  • Film, poetry and montage: create a film poem

I’ve provided workshops for organisations and events including Filmclub, Film Education, Ffresh, Hay Festival, Literature Wales and Zoom Cymru.

Interested? Please get in touch using the contact details above.  



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