Filmmaking projects and workshops

I run filmmaking projects and workshops around the UK. I make films with you, not just for you.

Got a film you want to make? I can:

  • help you plan the project, with outlines, timetables and costings
  • provide training in filmmaking and film storytelling
  • advise on equipment, or bring my own gear
  • support you to do your own filming and editing, or edit it in consultation with you
  • enhance your films with colour correction, sound adjustments and precise editing
  • provide finished films as files for online streaming, or on DVD

Films for Kids in Museums

Over the summer I helped young people to make films about how museums and galleries could be made more teen-friendly. I worked with five different teen groups in the East and South-east of England. I trained them in filmmaking and gave them support and advice throughout the filmmaking process. They used my pro cameras, SLRs, editing software (Final Cut Pro X) and iPads/iPhones to make their films, learning chromakey (green screen), animation, time-lapse and editing to a soundtrack. Their short films on different aspects of the museum experience were edited together to make these 10-minute training videos for museum and gallery staff.

These Kids in Museums projects were funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.