School filmmaking guides

Making Movies Make Sense is my highly interactive guide to film language and filmmaking for ages 9 and up. Designed for iPad, iPhone and Mac, you can download a free sample from the Apple Books store.

Filmmaking-Guide-Primary     Filmmaking-Guide-Secondary

I wrote these free PDF guides to school filmmaking for Into Film, the UK-wide organisation providing film education for 5-19 year olds. Click on the images for the download link.

Learn Filmmaking With My Step-by-Step Ebook

Start Making Movies ad Start Making Movies is an easy to understand, 163-page PDF guide that shows you how to start making short films and videos. It uses clear explanations and hundreds of illustrations to introduce equipment, the filmmaking process, film language and film storytelling.

“A great visual primer...Highly recommended” (Peter, UK)
“This book is amazing” (Tiffany, USA)