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Five stars “An excellent resource that my students loved.” Jennifer M
Five stars “Extremely satisfied…just learnt so much about film editing.” Fraser F


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EditClass is a package of video clips, guides and activities to help you learn or teach editing and filmmaking.

  • Works with any editing program
  • Two scenes, over 90 clips
  • User guides for iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere
  • Basic and intermediate activities
  • Powerpoint introduction to continuity

“A brilliant resource.” Alasdair Satchel, Media Education Journal

A new way to learn filmmaking

EditClass was specially created to teach film language and editing, with action and dialogue scenes. Learners can choose between different shot sizes, camera positions, lens and movement.

Flexible learning

You can edit the whole movie or just one scene. The user guide shows how to adapt the resource, simplifying or extending the activities for different learners and contexts.

Works in any editing program

The clips are in standard 720p MP4 format. They’ve been tested in popular editing programs. The package includes step-by-step user guides for iMovie (Mac and iOS), Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.

PDF support materials

PDF guides include an introduction to editing principles and workflow, basic activities, and intermediate tasks like cutaways, split editing, parallel editing and creating a soundtrack.

Includes PowerPoint guide

EditClass includes a 34-slide PowerPoint introduction to the continuity system. It covers match on action, the establishing shot, shot-reverse shot, the 180 and 30 degree rules, eyeline match, point of view shots, parallel editing and sound.

Easy installation

No complicated software licenses or installers. Just download the Zip file and open it. The file types included are MP4 video clips, PDFs, and a PowerPoint (.pptx) presentation

Education version

A single one-time payment allows you to use the EditClass clips on all devices at a single education site (eg a school or university department). You can even install them temporarily on students’ own devices when they’re working from home. Buy the education version

How EditClass helps teach filmmaking

You can choose from shots filmed from different camera positions and with different lenses, framing and movement.

Explore continuity editing principles like shot reverse shot and the 180 degree rule.

Experiment with different ways of editing a dialogue scene.

Add inserts and B-roll.

What’s included

Scene 1: action

A man sees a strange building and approaches it. He goes instead and finds a strange object. Something frightens him and he drops it and runs out. The basic version includes 30 video clips and two audio clips (ambience); the extended version includes an extra 30 video clips.

Scene 2: dialogue

The man enters a corridor. A girl approaches him holding out the object he dropped, insisting that he takes it. He goes to ask her what it is – but she’s disappeared. The basic version includes 16 video clips and one audio clip (ambience); the extended version adds another 15 clips. For thumbnails and descriptions of all the clips click here.

User guide

The PDF user guide explains how to install and use the clips, and different options for organising and managing them. It includes a visual summary of the story, a step-by-step guide to the editing workflow, and editing tips. Intermediate editing activities cover manipulating time, working with the 180 degree rule, experimenting with dialogue, adding cutaways and split edits, and montage.

Guides to editing techniques

These step-by-step guides cover basic editing techniques with four common editing programs: Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie on Mac and iMovie on iPhone/iPad.

Powerpoint presentation

Continuity screenshot
A 34-slide introduction to the continuity system, covering match on action, the establishing shot, shot-reverse shot, the 180 and 30 degree rules, eyeline match, point of view shots, cross-cutting and diegetic sound. Watch preview video

Other resources

The package also includes the script, thumbnails and descriptions of all the shots, and a planning sheet for creating a soundtrack.

Buying the education version

The education version allows you to install EditClass on all devices at a single education or nonprofit site. You can also share it with your current students to use on their own devices, eg for working at home.


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Education Licence €79+VAT 

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