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EditClass is a package of video clips, guides and activities to help you learn – or teach – editing and filmmaking. Watch video

  • Works with any editing program
  • Two scenes, over 90 clips
  • User guides for iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere
  • Basic and intermediate activities
  • Powerpoint introduction to continuity

“A brilliant resource.” Alasdair Satchel, Media Education Journal

“Highly recommended. Helps students understand how to film with the edit in mind.”
Kerrie Crescione, Film and Media Tech, UK

Education site license available 

A new way to learn filmmaking

When you start filmmaking, it’s hard to know how to film shots so they’ll look right together. You can waste a lot of time shooting clips that look OK on their own, but don’t make sense when you put them in sequence.

I used to teach filmmaking the traditional way. I’d start with some examples to introduce film language, then I’d teach the students how to use the camera. Next, I’d get them to storyboard, film and edit a short movie. But the results were often disappointing. The students’ video clips were poor quality and they didn’t make sense when they edited them into sequences.

So I tried another approach. Before students started making their own movies, I got them to edit a movie I’d filmed.

It made a dramatic difference to the quality of their filmmaking. They found it easier to plan shots that looked right together, and to edit them so the action seemed to flow. Concepts like ‘shot reverse shot’, the ‘180 degree rule’ and ‘matching on action’ suddenly made sense.

Hundreds of schools around the world bought my original package. Now I’ve created EditClass, an all-new version with more clips and detailed handouts and activities. It’s a complete short movie with over 90 clips of movement, action, dialogue and ‘B-roll’.

Flexible and comprehensive

EditClass includes two scenes: one is action and one is mainly dialogue. You can keep things simple by editing each scene separately, add more challenge with extended sets of clips, or edit the whole movie. You can simplify the task further by working with smaller sets of clips.

You can also use EditClass to learn or teach more advanced editing techniques, like J-cuts and L-cuts (where the sound and picture change at different points), using cutaways, creating a soundtrack, ‘parallel editing’, and manipulating time.

EditClass isn’t just a set of clips: there’s a detailed user guide which covers the editing workflow, editing tips and intermediate techniques; guides to basic editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie for Mac, and iMovie for iPhone/iPad: and a PowerPoint introduction to the continuity system.

You can buy EditClass by secure instant download. The education licence lets you install it on all devices at one site, and to provide it to your students to put on their own devices.

How it helps teach filmmaking

You can choose from shots filmed from different camera positions and with different lenses, framing and movement.

Explore continuity editing principles like shot reverse shot and the 180 degree rule.

Experiment with different ways of editing a dialogue scene.

Add inserts and B-roll.

What’s included

File types

The files are MP4 video clips, PDFs, and a PowerPoint (.pptx) presentation. No authentication is required to install and use the resources.

Scene 1: action

A man sees a strange building and approaches it. He goes instead and finds a strange object. Something frightens him and he drops it and runs out. The basic version includes 30 video clips and two audio clips (ambience); the extended version includes an extra 30 video clips.

Scene 2: dialogue

The man enters a corridor. A girl approaches him holding out the object he dropped, insisting that he takes it. He goes to ask her what it is – but she’s disappeared. The basic version includes 16 video clips and one audio clip (ambience); the extended version adds another 15 clips.

For thumbnails and descriptions of all the clips click here.

User guide

The PDF user guide explains how to install and use the clips, and different options for organising and managing them. It includes a visual summary of the story, a step-by-step guide to the editing workflow, and editing tips. Intermediate editing activities cover manipulating time, working with the 180 degree rule, experimenting with dialogue, adding cutaways and split edits, and montage.

Guides to editing techniques

These step-by-step guides cover basic editing techniques with four common editing programs: Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie on Mac and iMovie on iPhone/iPad.

Powerpoint presentation

Continuity screenshot

A 34-slide introduction to the continuity system, covering match on action, the establishing shot, shot-reverse shot, the 180 and 30 degree rules, eyeline match, point of view shots, cross-cutting and diegetic sound. Watch preview video

Other resources

The package also includes the script, thumbnails and descriptions of all the shots, and a planning sheet for creating a soundtrack.

You can buy EditClass by instant download from the secure Gumroad site.

User comments

“A quick and easy way to learn film editing.”
Daniele, Film student, Canada

“Terrific. Allows students to develop their confidence and learn to edit independently.
The shots are simple to use with plenty of variety.”
Alison Smith, Experienced Senior Teacher – Film and Television, Australia

“Amazing! Has everything a teacher could want.”
Tim McGuire, EdTech teacher, USA

Instant download

Education licence

$79  Buy now (secure instant download)

An education licence allows you to install EditClass on all devices at a single education or nonprofit site. You can also share it with your current students to use on their own devices, eg for working at home.

I accept official orders from education institutions. Send your order as an email attachment to
I’ll send you a secure download link as soon as I receive your order.

You can also request an invoice. Email me with details of who the invoice should be made out to.

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