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A new way to learn filmmaking

EditClass is a complete short movie to edit (two scenes, over 90 video clips) with comprehensive supporting materials.
“A brilliant resource” Alasdair Satchel, Media Education Journalhttps://youtu.be/DTB_O2MfriQ

Teaches film storytelling

Editclass includes an action scene and a dialogue scene.  The clips are spac

Flexible learning

You can edit the whole movie or just one scene. The user guide shows how to adapt the resource, simplifying or extending the activities for different learners and contexts.

Works in any editing program

The clips are in standard 720p MP4 format. They’ve been tested in popular editing programs. The package includes step-by-step user guides for iMovie (Mac and iOS), Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Easy installation

No complicated software licenses or installers. Just download the Zip file and open it.

PDF support materials

PDF guides include an introduction to editing principles and workflow, basic activities, and intermediate tasks like cutaways, split editing, parallel editing and creating a soundtrack.

Includes PowerPoint guide

EditClass includes a 34-slide PowerPoint introduction to the continuity system. It covers match on action, shot-reverse shot, the 180 degree rule, the 30 degree rule and using sound for continuity.

Education version available

A single one-time payment allows you to use the EditClass clips on all devices at a single education site (eg a school or university department).

You can even install them temporarily on students’ own devices when they’re working from home.

Learn Filmmaking With My Step-by-Step Ebook

Start Making Movies ad Start Making Movies is an easy to understand, 163-page PDF guide that shows you how to start making short films and videos. It uses clear explanations and hundreds of illustrations to introduce equipment, the filmmaking process, film language and film storytelling.

“A great visual primer...Highly recommended” (Peter, UK)
“This book is amazing” (Tiffany, USA)