DJI’s Osmo Mobile is a powerful, foldable smartphone stabiliser

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Updated 12 October 2020

Osmo Mobile 3

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The Osmo Mobile 3 is a convenient and effective smartphone stabiliser.

I own the original Osmo Mobile which I found very useful (though I now mainly shoot with the tiny, but more expensive, Osmo Pocket stabilised camera). An electronic gimbal stabiliser is much quicker to set up than a tripod. It allows you to get smooth, steady tracking shots; put it on a boom pole and you can even fake crane shots. I shot this film with it. The main downsides were its size and the fact that the clamp blocked the phone’s power socket.

The Mobile 3 is lighter than the original and folds down, making it easier to carry. It  has a port for keeping the phone charged, and the mount no longer blocks the phone’s sockets. It can quickly switch between horizontal and vertical modes.

The Mobile 3 now uses the same DJI Mimo app as the Osmo Pocket, which is an improvement on the original Go app. It now includes gesture control, so you can start and stop filming with hand signals. You can also use it to shoot motion time lapses.

At only $119 (or $139  with a mini-tripod and carrying case) the Osmo Mobile 3 is excellent value for any phone filmmakers. It’s probably the best mobile phone gimbal you can buy.

Update: DJI have now released a new version, the OM4, which has a detachable magnetic mount for faster setup, plus some extra stabilisation modes. But it’s more expensive at $149. I think the Osmo Mobile 3 is better value. 

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