Canon’s EOS M3, a neat SLR alternative

EOS-M3 with EVF

Canon’s new EOS M3 is a compact interchangeable lens camera that shoots SLR-style HD video and high-quality stills. How does it compare with the original EOS-M for video?

Zacuto Z-finder Pro review

Z-finder Pro

Zacuto’s Z-finder Pro is an optical viewfinder that clips to your camera to enlarge the image on the LCD screen. It costs a lot more than cheaper loupes. Should you buy one?

Canon’s XC10, an easy-to-use broadcast quality camcorder

Canon XC10

I’ve been testing the Canon XC10. It’s an easy-to-use pro camcorder – with excellent image stabilisation – that looks like a DSLR stills camera. The XC10 is for people who want to be able to shoot high-quality video without a big, expensive or complicated camera.

Canon XA20, an affordable pro camcorder

I used Canon’s XA20 over the summer. It’s a small and very easy-to-use pro camcorder, and a good alternative to a DSLR for news, events and documentaries.