HDR video on Canon’s new T6s

Canon have just announced the latest in their range of entry-level video-capable cameras, the T6i (750D outside the USA) and T6s/760D, shipping in April. Both cameras have improved autofocus in Live View. They also feature clean HDMI output, so presumably you can use them with an external recorder.

For basic video the cheaper T5i/700D, which will still be available, looks like a better deal than the T6i. But the more expensive T6s includes useful video features. There’s a level indicator, manual video exposure, a microphone socket, and HDR video* (which appears to be just in 720p mode). It also has a top LCD display, which is a useful feature, and a ‘Quick Control’ dial.

*The HDR (high dynamic range) video captures a wider range of tones, by shooting two alternating frames at different exposures. It’s useful for situations with high contrast lighting.

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