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Learn filmmaking by editing a short movie

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Explore the essentials of film storytelling by editing this short movie. Choose from over 90 clips including movement, action, dialogue and B-roll. You’ll learn about selecting shots, and which shots work together; how to show movement and edit dialogue; the editing process; and intermediate editing techniques like ‘split edits’, adding cutaways, planning a soundtrack and editing to music. Includes PDF supporting materials and PowerPoint introduction to the continuity system.

“Your package is amazing! It has everything a teacher could want. Very good tutorial guides.”
Tim McGuire, EdTech teacher, USA

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Interactive eBook

Making Movies Make Sense on iPad

Making Movies Make Sense is an engaging, interactive introduction to film language and filmmaking for ages 9 to adult.

This 148-page multitouch book is made for Apple Books, with dozens of video clips, stills, interactive pictures, audio clips and pop-up tips and questions. It includes practical activities and links to downloads. For iPad, Mac and iPhone.

“Beautifully put together and illustrated with great examples throughout – highly recommended.”
Dr John Potter, UCL Knowledge Lab

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Filmmaking ebook (coming soon)

180 with two peopleHard and soft lighting

Start Making Movies

My new visual introduction to filmmaking will be out soon. This ebook takes you step-by-step through the filmmaking process, from choosing equipment to planning, shooting and editing your first short movie or video.

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Free shot size poster

Shot size chart

Right-click on the image to download a printable PDF. Free for personal/nonprofit use.

More about shot size

Filmmaking templates

All these templates are in PDF format. Free for personal/nonprofit use.

Blank storyboard lafstoryboard Logging sheet Documentary script template

Download free templates

This printable storyboard, shot list, logging sheet and documentary script will help you plan your films.


Tom Barrance

Tom Barrance I teach all kinds of people to make films. I provide training for businesses, arts organisations, nonprofits and education. I’ve worked on film education projects with Apple Education, the British Film Institute, Film Education, Film: 21st Century Literacy and many more. My publications include Making Movies Make Sense and EditClass
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