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Making a short movie can seem like a big challenge. What equipment should you buy? How do you tell stories with film? How can you make sure your movie makes sense?

My new PDF ebook takes you step-by-step through what you need to know.

Start Making Movies is a visual guide. 163 pages are packed with photos, screenshots, film stills and diagrams. You can buy it now by secure instant download. 30-day money back guarantee.

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Learn Filmmaking by Editing a Short Movie

Explore the essentials of film storytelling by editing this short movie. Choose from over 90 clips including movement, action, dialogue and B-roll. You’ll learn about selecting shots, and which shots work together; how to show movement and edit dialogue; the editing process; and intermediate editing techniques like ‘split edits’, adding cutaways, planning a soundtrack and editing to music. Includes PDF supporting materials and PowerPoint introduction to the continuity system. Learn more….

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Tim McGuire, EdTech teacher, USA

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Editshots: Girl in Black is my original editable movie package. Because the quality is lower than EditClass (it was shot on miniDV and has been upscaled to 720p) I’ve decided to make it ‘pay what you want’, minimum $1. 

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Interactive Filmmaking Guide for Children and Teens


Making Movies Make Sense (Apple devices only) is an engaging, interactive introduction to film language and filmmaking for ages 9 to adult.

This 148-page multitouch book is made for Apple Books, with dozens of video clips, stills, interactive pictures, audio clips and pop-up tips and questions. It includes practical activities and links to downloads. For iPad, Mac and iPhone.

“Beautifully put together and illustrated with great examples throughout – highly recommended.”
Dr John Potter, UCL Knowledge Lab

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Shot Size Poster

Shot size chart

This PDF poster covers all the main shot sizes and abbreviations, from extreme long shot to extreme closeup.

Filmmaking templates


Blank storyboard

You can use this for planning how to shoot a scene and making sure your shots will make sense together. Put drawings of your shots in the boxes on the left, and descriptions of the images and sound in the other two columns. If you want to change the order of shots or add shots in, you can cut the sheet into strips and tape it together, or just renumber the clips (write numbers to the left of the pictures).

Shot list

Shot list

You don’t always need a storyboard. A shot list is another way to make sure you get the shots you need. You can use it with a storyboard, or on its own.

Logging sheet

Logging sheet

If your film has more than a few shots, you’ll need to review each clip you’ve filmed before you edit. Use this sheet to make notes about the content and quality of each clip, putting a tick or a cross in the ‘Good’ column. You can also use logging sheets to plan a ‘paper edit’: photocopy the sheets, highlight the good takes, then cut them out in strips and work out which order to use them in.

Documentary script

Documentary script template

You can use this simple template to plan a documentary or a news item. The left column is for the text of voiceovers, presentations or interviews; the other two columns are for describing images, sound and music.

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